Using the Tech Insights Monitoring API to Detect When Your Collector is Down

If a system cannot be reached by the Vyopta data collector then it will be considered as 'down'. In most cases, the data collector will contact a system via the vendor-provided API, and, if a response is received the system will be considered to be "up." However, if the attempt to connect to the API fails then the system will be flagged down. It should be noted that the status of the system is the data collector's view.


If environmental issues, such as network problems, proxy issues, firewall rule changes etc prevent collection, the Vyopta platform has no option other than marking the system as down. Some systems are contacted via a database connection - if the credentials are incorrect (for instance a password as expired)  this may also cause a system to be marked as down since the data collector will be unable to connect to the database.

In order to detect when your data collector is down, you can use the Vyopta Tech Insights Monitoring API. When using the API Systems call, one is returned a list of systems that are monitored by Vyopta. These systems fall into two categories - on-premise system that the data collector gathers data from, and cloud system (Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans) that may be collected on your behalf by Vyopta.

If **all** local systems are flagged as 'unavailable' then it may be inferred that either the collector is down or there is a catastrophic local networking failure. Conversely, if the only systems that are marked as OK are cloud systems, the same inference can be made.

In order to achieve this with the API, query{{orgID}}/systems

with a filter of


If no systems are returned the it should be assumed that the collector is down.


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