Target Caller and Original Target Number Are not Consistent.



Why is the target caller and original target number not consistent in Vyopta?


The data in the Target Caller and Original Target Number are displayed differently, according to what data is available to the Vyopta system for the system monitored.

The intent is always to use the 'friendly' (display name) wherever possible - this can be achieved with call control systems that provide this mapping - as, for instance Pexip system do.

Some control systems - notably CUCM, do not provide the display name - Vyopta will therefore use the alias in these fields when available.

In this case, the timestamps for the last seen files should be used to determine if there has been a problem - if it is known that calls were processed since the last time stamp then this should be investigated.

Vyopta has no way to identify if there is an issue with the data being sent from the call control system, so it is important to check the system logs to ensure that the data is being sent correctly.

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