TMS Endpoints Returns After Deletion



Even after deleting the endpoint from Vyopta, the endpoints keeps showing up the next day.


The list of endpoints are directly pulled from the TMS database that has been connected to Vyopta. Therefore to remove a these endpoint from Vyopta, the endpoint data in the TMS database must be purged.

These instructions are directly from "Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Administrator Guide" and are provided only as a reference. For complete instructions, notes and precautions, please refer to the Cisco TMS Guide for you specific TMS version.

Purge Systems

This functionality lets you remove and purge systems which you no longer wish to see in Cisco TMS from the Cisco TMS database.

Beware that purged systems will also be removed from all ongoing and pending scheduled meetings.

Note that the system list will include any auto-discovered systems that have not been added to Cisco TMS.

To purge:

  1. Select the system you want to remove.
  2. Click Purge Systems at the bottom of the page. A list is displayed containing all selected systems and any future conferences they are scheduled to participate in.
  3. Click Purge to confirm the operation.
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