Tech Insights Monitoring API - Getting Started

Vyopta is excited to introduce our new Tech Insights Monitoring API. This API allows you to access real-time data from your organization, including:

  • Endpoint Dataset
  • System Dataset
  • Calls Dataset
  • CUCM Call Records
  • Meeting and Participant dataset
  • KPI & Trend Metrics

Your existing Tech Insights "Dial Back" feature is also available with the API, based on the dial-back package with your account.

The API is a REST-based service that returns results in a JSON format, which follows other popular REST API's used by other Cloud solution providers. To use the API, you will need some development skills to self-support the use of the API data.

The goal of our API is to provide a way for external applications to consume our real-time and near real-time data as we collect it from your organization. This API does not include alerting or historical analytics data.

If you want to make use of our API, please refer to The Tech Insights Monitoring Query API, which contains links to examples of the API calls and Postman scripts for you to experiment with the API. For more detailed information, please visit To learn more about the metrics returned by the Tech Insights Monitoring Query API, please see The Tech Insights Monitoring API - Metrics. If you encounter results that appear to be unexpected, please check against Tech Insights Monitoring before assuming the data to be incorrect.

For details of how to perform authentication and use the resulting access key, please see How Do I Authenticate to use the Query Service API?.

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