Missing VCS/X call legs with an endpoint initiated call to Webex



Typically if we see an endpoint initiated call, we should see entries for VCS/X in the call data with the endpoint entry. Recently we have seen the case where an endpoint calls out to a cloud provider (Webex/Pexip) and there were no VCS/X call legs. Is this expected behaviour?


In some cases the answer is yes. The easiest way to check is to go to CPMM-Calls DS and sort based on Time Started. You should see call records, along with endpoint records you can match up, as shown in the screenshot below:


Open the call record, and look for destDeviceName. As shown in this call record, we are using a Hybrid\_Media\_SIP\_Trunk:


In this case, the results is technically correct, since we are using the Video Mesh for handling the calls.

Does a video mesh node "cascade" two meetings? All internal callers get hosted on the mesh node and all external get hosted on the Webex Meeting platform? - Yes. CMS and Pexip both have out of band management for cascading.

Is the cascade is done with direct registration to Webex, thus we don't see traffic over the VCS? - Yes exactly, especially if the endpoints are registered to Webex. I believe Webex tells the endpoint to make an IP call to the video mesh node.

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