The CPM Monitoring Query API


It is possible to obtain the data present in CPM Monitoring via an authenticated API, although this access is not granted by default. If access is required, please request access via a support desk ticket. Please note that this functionality is currently available as a beta release.

It should be noted that the data that can be obtained via the API is the same data that is present in CPM Monitoring - in the event that the API returns results that appear to be unexpected they should be checked against CPM Monitoring before assuming the data to be incorrect. 

The CPM Monitoring Query API provides data via a RESTful interface, with all transactions being authenticated via OpenAPI. For details of how to perform authentication and use the resulting access key please see How Do I Authenticate to use the Query Service API?

Separate documents will cover the use of the API by means of Postman examples. In order to be able to use the examples please ensure that you have Postman installed.

For details and examples of the Information Queries, please see The CPM Monitoring Query API - Information Queries

For details and examples of the Metrics Queries, please see The CPM Monitoring API - Metrics

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