Google Calendar Integration for Workspace Insights

If you would like add a Google Calendar, to capture meetings for your different workspaces,  here are the following steps you will need to complete to authorize the Vyopta Cloud to collect meetings from your Google Calendar.

Since Google Calendar is a cloud provided service,  Vyopta will be using the Vyopta Cloud Connector,  so there is no "on premise" Vyopta Collector required to work with Google Calendar.  We will handle all the data collection from cloud to cloud.

Here are the steps...

1)  Launch the Vyopta Admin Portal

2) Once you have logged into the portal,  please click on the Infrastructure menu item on the side bar as shown below.


3)  On the Infrastructure page,  click on the NEW INFRASTRUCTURE button




4)  This will now launch a window with all the different systems you can connect to.   To add Google Calendar.  click on the +GCAL (Beta) button to add this system.   Eventually the Beta reference will be removed,  so it could be called +GCAL at the time you are reviewing these instructions.




5) You should see the following form below to add your host details.   Please give a meaningful name for you System,  and then click on Save,  which will then save your new system.




6) Once you have saved,  you will need to re-click on the system link in the main infrastructure window to relaunch your new Google Calendar system as shown below.    At this point,  you will need to click on the button CLICK TO AUTHORIZE to connect you new system to Google Calendar.   At this point,  we will launch a window from Google,  so you can authorize Vyopta to monitor your Google Calendar



7) Once authorized,  you should see an authorized token (hidden with *) as shown in the screenshot below with an Authorization Status of Authorized.



At this point, you are all set up to collect both Calendar room resource list and scheduled meeting data from Google Calendar.





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