Estimating RealTime Zoom API Limits


To obtain information regarding participants, call quality, and other details from Zoom, it is necessary to make calls to the Zoom APIs. However, Zoom imposes a daily maximum limit on the number of API calls, and the default limit is often set quite low. Once this limit is reached, any additional calls will return an error and data for the remainder of the day will be lost. To avoid such data loss, it is imperative to increase the daily API call limit.

To estimate a new limit, we poll the system once per minute to obtain a list of active meetings, followed by an additional API call once per minute per meeting to obtain details such as participants and call quality. The number of individual endpoints does not have any impact.

For instance, suppose we consider the following scenario:

  • Maximum meetings per day: 2000
  • Average minutes per meeting: 25
  • API calls required for participants and quality: 2,000 * 25 = 50,000
  • API calls needed per day: 50,000 + 1440 (API calls for active meetings) = 51,440

We recommend adding a buffer of 20% to 30% to allow for future growth. Therefore, for a buffer of 20%, the minimum recommended setting would be: 51,440 * 0.20 = 10,288 for the buffer Minimum recommended setting: 51,440 + 10,288 = 61,728 or 62,000

To increase the API call limits, it is necessary to contact your Zoom Account Manager.







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