How Can I Add Users With a Different Email Domain to Our Vyopta Users


How Can we add users with a different email domain to our Vyopta users?


A Vyopta username is formed as userpart@domain - where the domain is the organisation to which you belong.

This is normally the email address of the user - an assumption that is made in the automatic sign up procedure. 

This assumption can base problems when, for instance, you wish to have users who have a different email domain - perhaps a 3rd party assisting you, or a contractor's sub domain.

For instance, with email address of will work correctly when using automatic sign up, But with email address of will not work.

Such users should not attempt to use the automatic sign up facility, but, instead, an administrative user of should manually add these users in the form of

Once added, a list of users with the correct email addresses, should be supplied to Vyopta Support in a help desk ticket. Vyopta Support can ensure that the users' email addresses are corrected. 

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