How Can I Add Users With a Different Email Domain to Our Vyopta Users

How Can I Add Users With a Different Email Domain to Our Vyopta Users

Question: How can we add users with a different email domain to our Vyopta users?

Solution: A Vyopta username is formed as userpart@domain - where the domain is the organization to which you belong. This is normally the email address of the user - an assumption that is made in the automatic sign-up procedure. This assumption can cause problems when, for instance, you wish to have users who have a different email domain - perhaps a 3rd party assisting you, or a contractor's subdomain. For instance, with an email address of will work correctly when using automatic sign-up, but with an email address of will not work.

Such users should not attempt to use the automatic sign-up facility, but instead, an administrative user of should manually add these users in the form of Once added, a list of users with the correct email addresses should be supplied to Vyopta Support in a help desk ticket. Vyopta Support can ensure that the users' email addresses are corrected.

Adding new users as an Administrator with Admin Portal

Question: How can I add a new user using the admin portal?

Answer: Individual users can sign up for an account in Vyopta using the process described here. You can also add new users to your company's instance as an Admin following the steps below:

  1. Open the Admin portal and login with your administrator login and password.
  2. Select Users
  3. Select the New User button to add a new user
  4. Fill in the fields offered with user information, role, and group. Information on permissions and roles is available here.
  5. Save the user information by clicking on "SAVE"
  6. If you need to assign a password, find the user you just added in the User list and click the lock symbol in the Actions column - Fill out the password fields.

How can I make one of my users an Administrator for my Organization

Issue: I have a user in my organization, and I would like to make that user an Administrator in Vyopta. How do I go about setting that user up?

Solution: First, we expect the person following these steps has Administrator access. If you don't have Administrator access, you will need to work with your Vyopta Administrator to apply the role change. If you are an Administrator, please follow the following steps below:

  1. Log into the Vyopta Admin Portal
  2. Navigate over to the User list as shown in the screenshot below
  3. In the Username search box, type in your user's email address. If nothing comes back, please ask the user to create an account using our create account link at, and verify with your user how she/he registered their account.
  4. In this case, I searched for vtest and found the following user. Now if I wanted to change the user's
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