Vyopta Collector 4.1.0 - Release Notes

Released: 30/Oct/19


** Story
* [COL-1170] - Create (port over) CUCM drivers for Real-time, Master and Historical data
* [COL-1346] - Port over CMS (Acano) realtime data collection to Java/Next-Gen
* [COL-1347] - Port over CMS (Acano) historical data collection to Java/Next-Gen
* [COL-1473] - Refactor Realtime (Endpoint) Status Reporting (CUCM)
* [COL-1496] - Create (port over) Pexip driver for Historical and Master data
* [COL-1497] - Create (port over) Pexip driver for Realtime data
* [COL-1518] - Add support for Infrastructure collection Partitioning by Collection Agent (role) users
* [COL-1788] - Cisco Endpoint Driver: Send Diagnostic Warning and Error counts

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