How can I see all my support tickets?


How can I see all my support tickets?


We have an online Customer Support Portal if you would like to view your tickets online.   If you want to have the ability to see your tickets,  please follow the steps below

The Customer Support Portal can be accessed by going to,  and click on the Sign in link at the top right hand corner


When you click on the Sign in link,  you will be presented with the following login pop-up


If you are new to Vyopta,  and you haven't reached out to the support team,   you can click on the Sign Up box that is shown in green.   If you have worked with Support in the past,  you can click on the Get a Password link in the red box to set a password with your account.

Once signed in, new support cases can be raised by clicking on the Submit a Support Request link, and support cases owned by your organization can be seen by selecting My Activities from the dropdown menu.   By default,  the setting for viewing all tickets for your organization has been disabled,  but if you want to enable this feature,  please ask one of your Vyopta Administrators to reach out to Vyopta Support,  and we will enable it for your organization.


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