Unsupported Status using Polycom Group 500 and Group 700 model


## Issue Why am I seeing status 'Unsupported' for Polycom Group 500 and 700 models?

## Solution Depending on the type Polycom Group Series you want to monitor, we use a different protocol for different versions

  • RealPresense Group 300/310/500/700 running firmware 5.X we use TELNET port 24
  • RealPresense Group 300/310/500/700 running firmware 6.X we use SSH port 22

If you are seeing Unsupported for the Endpoint, The issue is that you don't have telnet enabled on the older firmware for the endpoint. The Unsupported message is a side effect of the Endpoint Monitor which tries to connect on telnet and tries the next option which is SSH. Since the SSH connector requires the codec to be on 6.X we get Unsupported as the message.

To enable Telnet access for the older firmware, please look at the screenshot below, you should find 'Enable Telnet Access' under Global Security



If you have endpoints that require a SIP alias, we do have the ability to import endpoint data from a CSV file. For more information on this, please open a support request.

For more information on the Endpoints List in the Admin Portal, please refer to the Overview of the Endpoints List in Admin Portal.

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