Endpoint Monitoring Port Requirements

The following document contains all the Network Requirements for the Vyopta Data Collector to Poll and Receive data from your Endpoints. 


Company Channel Port Number Traffic Origin Traffic Destination Notes
Cisco Endpoints HTTPS 443/TCP Collector Endpoint  
Cisco Endpoints SSH 22/TCP Collector Endpoint  
Cisco Endpoints HTTPS 22181/TCP Endpoint Collector HTTP Feedback channel (can be overridden with epm.cisco.feedback.port property)
Lifesize Endpoints HTTP 80/TCP Collector Endpoint  
Lifesize Endpoints SSH 22/TCP Collector Endpoint  
Dolby Rooms WSS 443/TCP Collector Endpoint  


You can now change the HTTP Feedback channel in this version by adding the following property to your vyoptacollector.xml file.  

<property key="epm.cisco.feedback.port">22285</property>

Please do not change it to port 80 or 443, since this will conflict with existing ports used by the Vyopta Data Collector.


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