Webex PDA (Partner Delegated Authentication) Account Request Instructions

1. Initiate a Certificate Request with Cisco Webex

Follow these instructions to grant partner delegated authentication (PDA) to Vyopta.

Important Note: The request must be initiated by the Cisco AM or CSM or it will be denied by Webex Ops Support 

    1. Email your Cisco Webex AM and/or CSM and ask them to send an email to the Webex Ops team with subject: Webex PDA request for existing API partner - Vyopta.   The Cisco Webex AM and/or CSM will know the correct team to reach out for the request.
    2. Request that they CC: you (the customer), and the Vyopta engineer that is assisting with your Webex setup
    3. Include in the body: Please submit an Ops request ticket for the Webex Provisioning team to add Vyopta (existing partner with PDA config in place) for partner delegated authentication (PDA) to our Webex site(s) below.
    4. Also list in the body of the email each Webex site you want Vyopta to be able to access


  • Be sure they include the following statement: Important Note: Vyopta currently provides Webex API integration and already has an existing certificate and PDA config on file. Therefore, no cert is required to be submitted with this provisioning request.


  1. The request will take 2-3 days for the provisioning team to complete.   
  2. Let us know once you have received confirmation that the process is complete and we can begin the next steps to start collecting data

2. Verify the Certificate is Applied to Applicable Webex Domain Sites

Once the Webex team confirms that PDA is activated for your Webex domains, visit your admin portal and verify the certificate is applied to the site:

  1. On the Cisco Webex Meetings Sites page click to select your site and select the 'Configure Site' button
  2. Under 'Common Settings' click the 'Partner Delegated Authentication' link
  3. If not already enabled in the 'Partner Delegated Authentication' page click the checkbox to enable Vyopta as a 'Host and also 'Site Admin' (note: Site Admin privileges required to use API for data collection)
  4. Click the 'Update' button to save
  5. Repeat for each applicable Webex site

3. Provide Account Username and Email to Vyopta to Begin Collection

Once the above has been completed we will require the following to begin collection. Please send the below to the Vyopta representative who is working with you on configuring Webex collection. 

    1. The Webex site URL from which we will be collecting data
    2. If the Webex site is SSO enabled, provide a username and email address for any account that has a minimum of “Site Admin - Read Only” access. 
      • Note: The username must be an AD authenticated account
      • We only require a username and email because of the certified authority granted in the first step of this document 
      • A service account is ideal but a regular users account with the proper privileges can be used without issue in lieu of an AD service account
    3. If the Webex site is not SSO enabled, contact your Vyopta representative for assistance in the final step to configure collection
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