Upgrading the Vyopta Data Collector

Please also see Manual Collector Upgrade with Roll-Back - Best Practice


Here is a video that will walk you through the upgrade process of your data collector on Windows,  else you can follow the instructions below which make use of the internal installer in the data collector.  In the video,  we will use the -install and -uninstall command line options for simplicity.


As a reminder, the Vyopta collector includes both endpoint monitor and data collector services in one. When running this upgrade, it upgrades both items.

  1. Download the latest version of the Vyopta collector from the Admin Portal 
  2. Stop the “Vyopta CPM Data Collector” service

  3. Launch Command Prompt (CMD) in Admin mode
  4. Navigate to the location of the current Vyopta directory (typically C:\Vyopta) and run the following
  5. ------
  6. Replace the executable file you downloaded in step one to the folder where the vyoptacollector.xml file is located (typically C:\Vyopta), replacing the old executable file

  8. Check to see if  the “Vyopta CPM Data Collector” service has started.  If its not started, please go ahead and start the service as shown below.


  9. Visit the Vyopta Admin Portal and verify that the relevant services are green. The Service Account email address listed should be the same one as used in the vyoptacollector.xml file

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