Can I access my data directly with tools like Power BI


Is there a way I can get my data directly from the database and use it in tools like Power BI or Tableau?   We would like to integrate our reporting tools with the data that Vyopta collects.


Currently,  there is no direct access to your collected data in the Vyopta Cloud.  We are in the process of building API access, which will be announced when available.

If you need access,  you can always export data through our share capabilities in CPM Analytics,  which is covered in the following Knowledge Article

How do I create a report in Vyopta?

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  • Hi!

    Any updates about the API implementation? That would be a great help in my case as I need to send our management board daily reports with our meeting platforms stats. Currently I need to do that manually and my automation heart is bleeding :)


  • Hi @...,

    We don't have any updates currently on the APIs for CPM Analytics, however you can still automate the data import to PowerBi using our Local Report Exporter. 

    What that does is allow the collector to download the report and save it locally onto disk. You can then use any language your automation heart desires to process the file and inject it into tools like PowerBi. 

    Here is some info on the Local Report Export:

    Hope this stops the bleeding!


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