Windows could not start the Tech Insights Data Collector - How to fix?


After upgrading my Tech Insights Data Collector (vyoptacollector.exe)  it seems that the service will start and then stop with the following message in Windows.



How do I fix this problem? 

This sometimes happens especially if the path has changed in your installation folder. To address this issue,  type the following command in an Administrator: Command Prompt as shown below:

SC DELETE VyoptaTech InsightsDataCollectorService


Once you have successfully deleted the old service,  you should be able to run the following command inside of your Vyopta Collector folder to recreate the service.   Make sure you are using an Administrator: Command Prompt window to run the command below:

vyoptacollector.exe -install

After this point,  the new service should be available for you to restart. To uninstall the Vyopta Tech Insights Data Collector service, refer to the How to Uninstall the Next Generation EPM Manager article. To upgrade the Vyopta Data Collector, refer to the Upgrading the Vyopta Data Collector article.

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