Endpoints managed through RPRM shows an unknown status


If I have a Polycom environment, and my endpoints are RPRM registered, the status is not showing up in Vyopta (Available, In Call etc). What can I do to address this issue? ##


With Polycom, you have the ability to register an endpoint using its H323 address, instead of a SIP alias. Our internal logic requires a SIP alias to link the status from the management system back to the endpoint. If you do not have a SIP alias for the endpoint, you will need to assign the endpoint a SIP alias in the Vyopta Admin Portal, so we can show the status from the management system in Vyopta. Unfortunately we have not had much interest from customers who want registration status without a SIP alias being assigned to the endpoint, so we can only support SIP aliases at this time. If you have a lot of endpoints that require a SIP alias, we do have the ability to import endpoint data from a CSV file. If you would like to take this approach, please open a support ticket with us, and we will be happy to help.

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