How to Uninstall the Next Generation EPM

There is no uninstall option available for older versions of the next-generation collector and endpoint monitor - it is. however, a simple matter to manually uninstall the product.

The uninstallation consists of 3 steps:-

  1. Stop the Vyopta CPM Data Collector service
  2. Uninstall the Vyopta CPM Data Collector service
  3. Remove the collector files.

Stopping the Vyopta CPM Data Collector service

To stop the service, use either the Task Manager or run services.msc


Right click and select stop, or select the services and click Stop in the services control panel

* Note that the name of the service is VyoptaCPMDataCollectorService 


Uninstalling the Vyopta CPM Data Collector service

Now locate the directory where the vyoptacollector executable resides - open a command prompt as Administrator and navigate to this folder.

Performing a DIR command here shows several directories starting with the . character.


Change directory (cd) to .shadow

Here one can see the utility used to manage the collector service, nssm.exe


To remove the service, enter the command:

nssm remove VyoptaCPMDataCollectorService

 Pop-up will be presented to confirm removal -


Select Yes to confirm

The service will be removed. Dismiss the notification window by selecting OK

The service may also be uninstalled without requiring confirmation by using the following command

nssm remove VyoptaCPMDataCollectorService confirm

Finally, close the command prompt in order the the following file deletion step is not hampered. 


Removing the Installation Files.

You may wish to retain the vyoptacollector.xml file, that contains your configuration data. The vyoptacollector.exe file may also be retained, if required. 

Copy any files you wish to retain to another location.

Close any windows referencing the collector installation directory.

Delete the folder. 


The removal of the next generation EPM is now complete 

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