Peripheral Status Revamp 1.0

Release Date: 11/08/2019

 This document contains information about the release of the Peripheral Status Revamp 1.0 effective 11/08/2019.  To learn more about our new Peripheral Status,  please click on this link

Issues Being Resolved

  •  There was not a way to determine and/or update what peripheral devices should be connected.
  • Alerts for peripheral devices were not functioning properly. All peripheral devices in the user interface were appearing as UNKNOWN, when they were, in fact, down.
  • The Camera and Touch Panel only allowed for one value despite multiple devices potentially being available.

 What’s New?

 The release of the Peripheral Status Revamp 1.0 will now support appropriate status and alerting based on the Peripheral Type level.

  • Hierarchy: There is now a parent-child relationship between a Peripheral Type and Peripheral Devices.
    • Peripheral Types are the standard four categories of Camera, Mic, Touch Panel and Display.
    • Peripheral Devices can be Display 1, Display 2, etc.
  •  Listening Service If a peripheral device has ever been seen as UP, we will record that in a set of peripheral devices to monitor.
  • Status If any peripheral device in our monitored set has a value other than UP, we will record that peripheral device as “DOWN” and the parent peripheral type as “DOWN”.
  •  Camera and Touch Panel Camera and Touch Panel now allow for string values and detail input, including devices that are or are not connected. Alerts for Camera and Touch Panel are now fully functional as part of this release.
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