Endpoint "Status" Logic Revamp And Additional Endpoint Status Fields


 Effective September 17, 2019 the collection and logic that powers both the Endpoint Status field and the associated Endpoint peripheral status fields has been significantly improved. Additionally, Vyopta is introducing two new fields in the CPM MonitoringTM Endpoints dataset that will help users gain visibility into Vyopta’s Endpoint collection health. As a Vyopta CPM MonitoringTM user, here is what you need to know:

  1. Endpoint "Status" is more consistent and accurate with new collection source logic. Vyopta uses two collection services to calculate the value for the Status field for endpoints - the Endpoint Monitor (EPM) service that talks to the endpoint directly and the Infrastructure Collector (InfraCol) that collects from the infrastructure where the endpoint is registered to. Both collection services send status information on endpoints. Previously, the “last message wins” logic potentially caused inconsistent statuses because the registration infrastructure often is delayed in representing the true status state. The new collection source logic should lead to better accuracy and less inconsistency of the Endpoint status field because we are moving to EPM service that talks to the Endpoint directly as the source of truth with InfraCol as backup. 
  2. Endpoint peripheral statuses are more accurate. The only source for peripheral statuses is EPM. Previously, if EPM was not able to connect to the endpoint, the endpoint’s peripheral statuses held their last value which could sometimes lead to outdated data. Now we will display “UNKNOWN” for peripheral statuses when EPM is unable to connect to that endpoint in order to prevent outdated data and highlight potential areas where the environment could benefit from improved EPM access.  To learn more about our new Peripheral Status,  please click on this link.
  3. New “EPM Connectivity” field is introduced. This is a net-new field in the Endpoints dataset in CPM MonitoringTM. The “EPM Connectivity” field in the CPMM user interface represents the ability for Vyopta to connect to an endpoint to collect data. Users can see EPM Connectivity directly alongside other key Endpoints dataset fields. 
  4. New “EPM Error field” is introduced. This is a net-new field in the Endpoints dataset in CPM MonitoringTM. Now you can see in the CPMM user interface why EPM is not able to connect.

If you have any questions or issues not covered above, please contact the Vyopta support team for further assistance.


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