Error - Vyopta CPM Data Collector is already running. Exiting...


When installing the Next Generation Data Collector,  the installation process detects another instance of the Next Generation Data Collector is already running on the server.  How do I resolve this issue?


The issue when the Next Generation Data Collector will not install,  is because there is another application that uses the Non Sucking Service Manager (NSSM) installed on the same server

To find services running on the server that is using the service helper,   just run the following command in Powershell  as  Admin on the server that you are installing the data collector.

Get-WmiObject win32_service | ?{$_.PathName -like '*nssm*'} | select Name, DisplayName, State, PathName

You should only see once service as shown below


If you see other services here,  you will need to shut down the other service to install the Data Collector on the server.  If you are not able to shut down the other service,  you may have to install the Data Collector on another server that doesn't have applications that are dependent on NSSM

This is a known issue,  and we will address this issue of coexistent with other NSSM apps in an upcoming release.

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