Getting the most out of your Vyopta support experience

What can our Product Support team do for you?

Our primary support model operates on a self-service basis, whereby customers are required to seek solutions to their queries through our online resources. However, we understand that some issues may require additional support, and therefore, we maintain staff during specific times to assist with issues that cannot be resolved locally.

Our support team in the UK operates from 9 AM to 5 PM local time, while our team in the US Central Time Zone operates from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday, subject to local holidays and other factors.

Please note that we offer web-based ticketing as our sole means of support.

In case of encountering a Severity 1 issue, please check for any current issues.


In order to provide our customers with the information they need, we have made the following resources available:


Vyopta Learning Center

We offer online self-paced training on using, and getting the most value, from your Vyopta Solution. After a quick signup, you can access courses on how to use basic features and functions as well as just in time videos for common tasks. You can access the Learning Center here:

Self-Help Articles

We offer self-help articles within our knowledge base to quickly answer your product questions. If you cannot find a self-help article to answer your question, please open a support ticket and a product support specialist will be happy to help.

Identifying Defects

If you suspect there is a defect within the Vyopta product, we are available to help triage, identify and provide a resolution to the issue. When possible, we may be able to provide a workaround so you can avoid delays in productivity until a final resolution is available. 

Outage Notifications

If there is an outage, we will provide proactive notifications which will eliminate the need for you to spend time reporting an issue that we are already working to resolve. We will also communicate progress and resolution of any outage level issues through the same notification system (see details below). 


Are you experiencing an outage issue?   Check our status page before opening a ticket.

If you are experiencing an issue where the system is not showing data, or you have issues just using the system,  please head over to our status page and check to see if there is an existing outage that may be impacting you.   From that page,  you can also subscribe to our alerts.   Please don't open a support ticket for an existing outage.   If you are still experiencing an outage issue,  and there are no active incidents,  please open a support ticket so we can investigate.

Creating A Support Ticket

  1. There is only one way to open a support ticket,  and that's by creating a ticket using the following URL -
  2. When opening a ticket,  please make sure you are using an email address of the Customer's or Partner's domain.   This will help us authenticate who we are communicating with.   Emails that have a domain of,, and other domains of free email servers will be rejected.
  3. Please do not ask for new support help in Cisco Teams.   If you need assistance then please open a ticket first using the URL above.  It's OK to reach out to us in Cisco Teams,  but a ticket needs to be open first before engaging the support team.
  4. If you have multiple issues,  please open a ticket for each issue.  If you open a single ticket for multiple issues we risk over complicating the ticket which can lead to lengthy closures on the ticket.   A single ticket per issue will allow up to resolve your issue in a timely manner.
  5. The Support Engineer may, at their discretion, break up a ticket into multiple tickets if the problem reported contains more than one issue.
  6. When you create a ticket please provide us with as much detail about the issue as possible,  along with your contact details (email, phone number,  SIP address,  Cisco Teams address)  and timezone you are working in,  this will allow us to reach out to you if we have any questions about the issue.
  7. Only open a ticket with us when you are ready to work with the support team on the issue.  Please don't open a ticket and then be unavailable to work the support team,  since this will result in your ticket being closed if we don't hear back from you.   If you are going to be away,  let us know who we should be reaching out to (along with contact details as detailed in point 6 above) so we can continue working the issue with your team.
  8. All Vyopta support and documents are provided in English.


Initial SLA - Initial Response Time

The following chart shows the response time after initial assessment/assignment and creation of a ticket by the Vyopta Customer Support team:


Please note,  the response times are during Vyopta US Business Hours.

As above, our support team in the UK operates from 9 AM to 5 PM local time, while our team in the US Central Time Zone operates from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday, subject to local holidays and other factors.



 Initial Response time



4 business hours or less

Widespread production service outage, severe performance degradation or major security incident.  Vyopta Platform is unusable or data is unavailable or at risk of loss.


8 business hours or less

Major feature or function of the Vyopta Platform fails which results in the operation of the SaaS Platform being restricted. No clear work-around.


16 business hours or less

A feature or function is not operating correctly but there is only minor impact to production workflow. That could be due to the nature of the failure or the availability to the customer of a workaround. This category also includes questions on product use, feedback, suggestions, other.


32 business hours or less

Issues that are non-disabling or are cosmetic with no impact on normal operations. General information requests


Target Incident Response Time is the elapsed time between ticket submission and acknowledgement from the Vyopta Customer Support team.  For any further SLAs you may have with Vyopta,  please refer to your contract,  or your Customer Success Manager.


Ticket Closures

Once a Support Engineer has resolved your issue,  the Support Engineer will ask if we can go ahead and close the support ticket.  At this point, you will have 3 business days to respond before the ticket is closed.  You don't need to respond back,  but we always do like to hear that the issue has been resolved.

At times,  we will also close tickets under the following circumstances.

  1. If we have tried to reach out to you twice before,  and we haven't heard back - we will then send a final notice that we haven't heard from you,  and will mark the issue as resolved.   It's possible you might not have time to work with us on the ticket - in this event you can always reply back to us on the last email,  which will create a new continued ticket and the support team will be pick up the issue where we last left off.
  2. If you respond back to us that you are not able to work with us in the next 5 business days,  we will respond that we will be closing the ticket until you are ready to re-engage with us. When ready, please respond to the last email for the ticket you have received and we will pick up from where we were in addressing your ticket.
  3. If the ticket is a feature request,  we will open a feature request for you (ticket number is VAN-XXXX) and then we will go ahead and close out the support ticket.

Ticket Escalation

There might be a time when you may need to escalate a ticket,  if we are not meeting your needs to your satisfaction,  or missing out on an internal deadline.  If you  like to request an escalation of  a support ticket,   here are the steps you can follow.

It's an assumption that the ticket escalated has already been opened and that we have already responded to you on the ticket before it's escalated.   Please do not escalate an issue unless a ticket has already been opened,  otherwise we will ask you to open a ticket first.

To escalate,   please send an email to  with the following details.

  1. The ticket number you are escalating
  2. Your contact details  (email,  phone number,  and Timezone)
  3. Details about the escalation  (why it's being escalated and business case)
  4. If you are not the person we need to work with on the issue,  please supply the contact on who we need to work with,  along with contact details (email,  phone number,  and timezone of contact)

You should get a response from our team within 4 US business hours .


Viewing Tickets Online

 If you are  using our Customer Knowledge Base,  or if you will be opening support tickets on behalf of your organization,  please make sure you have access to our Customer Support Portal.  To set yourself up with access to the support portal,  please see the article below

How can I see all my support tickets?

When you are connected to our Customer Support Portal,   you will...

  • be able to see all your tickets online
  • see other team members tickets (if setup has been requested)
  • see all knowledge docs (some knowledge documents are not accessible without you being logged into the portal)


Beyond Product Support

When you need help beyond our Product Support boundaries, our team will be able to refer you to other services in Vyopta that are available to assist you:

Customization Services

For customization needs, Vyopta provides Professional Services for things like Custom Reports and Dashboards.

Enablement Services

Our Product Support team can usually support basic adding or adjusting of your monitoring configuration, however, if you require assistance with a major reconfiguration of your environment that goes beyond how-to questions, we do have Enablement Services available to help. 

Training Services

If you need customized training for your team beyond what is already included as a part of Enablement and what is available online, we can develop a personalized curriculum. 

Feature/Product Enhancement Requests

Your suggestions are very important to Vyopta so for Feature requests and/or Product Enhancements, we have a Customer Success team that can accept your ideas and queue them up for consideration. Your product support specialist will direct you as to the proper contact for that. 

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