Installing the Vyopta Collector


The purpose of this Knowledge Base (KB) article is to walk through the deployment of the Vyopta Collector to collect data from your on-premise infrastructure or endpoints. 



Minimum Server Requirements

Memory 8GB RAM
Disk Space 80 GB (OS and Data)
Network 1 Gbps Nic
Operating System

Windows Server 2019 or Above

CentOS 7/8+

RHEL 7/8+

Ubuntu 20.04+


Network Requirements

The Vyopta Collector requires outbound internet access to send the data collected to the Vyopta Cloud. 

Please review the URL Requirements for the Vyopta Suite of Products for more details

If your organization uses a Proxy server to talk to the internet, please involve your proxy team during the collector install to ensure a smooth install.

Vyopta Service Account And Collector Install

The Vyopta Collector requires a service account on the Vyopta Admin portal to complete the install and send data to the Vyopta Cloud.

To create the service account please:

1. Log into the Vyopta Admin Portal

2. Click on "Getting Started" which is located on the menu on the left

3. Once the page loads, click on "I have prepared my environment" and click Continue

4. Download and review the license agreements, once reviewed Click the accept checkbox and proceed

5. Create a Service Account if one does not exist already. Once done, click Save. 

**Note** If multiple collectors are required, a service account for each collector is required

6. Enter the service account details created in step 5

7. Provide Proxy details if one is required, otherwise click the "GET CONFIG FILE" which will generate and download the vyoptacollector.xml file and then click continue.

8. Download the Vyopta Collector for either Windows or Linux


Installation Instructions


Windows Linux

1. Log into the Vyopta Server using RDP

2. Navigate to File Explorer under the C:\ drive or drive you would like to use

3. Create a folder called "Vyopta" and sub-folder with the version number of the collector.

4. Copy the vyoptacollector.exe and vyoptacollector.xml file to the server under the directory created in Step 3. 



5. Launch Command Prompt (CMD) in Administrator mode

6. Navigate to the directory set in step 3 by typing


7. Run the Vyopta Install by running the following command

vyoptacollector.exe -install

**Note: To run the service under specific user credentials, run the following command

vyoptacollector.exe -install -username <username> -password <password>


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