Setting up Endpoint Tags for Enhanced Reporting


Endpoint Tagging provides for tailored category data to enhance filtering capabilities in Vyopta for more in-depth reporting.




Endpoint Tagging Thought-Starters


In Vyopta, there are two types of tags:

  • Unstructured Tags - These tags are manually added within the Vyopta platform and can be added to a single or bulk set of endpoints. 
  • Structured Tags - These tags can only be added/updated via a specific .csv file upload that is placed on the Data Collection Server. 
    • To setup Structured Tags, please contact your Enablement or Customer Success contact.
    • Note: Structured Tags are only available for Cloud-based Vyopta customers and are not currently supported for on-premise instances.


Adding Unstructured Tags to Video Endpoints

In the Vyopta platform, navigate to the Settings section of the left-hand navigation menu




Adding Tags to an Endpoint

  1. Find the endpoint in the list (Use the Filters if needed) Screen_Shot_2020-05-28_at_5.22.57_PM.png
  2. Once you find the endpoint you want to tag, click the Edit icon on the right
  3. Type your tag in the ‘Custom Tags’ field and click Enter to save.
    • Tip: For unstructured tags, using common prefixes or suffixes as part of the taxonomies can create a 'structured' effect for more accurate filter
      • Examples:
        • 'Floor_11', 'Floor_04', etc.
        • 'Austin-city', 'Boston-city', etc.
  4. Repeat for multiple tagsscreenshot_1143.png


Note: A nightly processing run will need to be done so the custom tag for the endpoint will be available for reporting, so you will have to wait until the next day before you can generate reports using custom tags.   


Using Custom Tags for Dashboard and DataSet Filtering

Once you have your custom tag in place,  and a night processing has completed,  you should now be able to create a report based on your custom tag by using the filter 'Endpoint Tag contains/equals/does not contain/etc.



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