Running the data collector using a service account

When setting Windows Authentication for database access by the Vyopta Data Collector, the credential fields in the configuration utility are greyed out.

When using Windows Authentication the credentials used are that of the process needing to authenticate - in this case, the Vyopta Data Collector service - the credential fields in the configuration utility are unavailable since the information they they supply is not relevant to the authentication process.

In order to set credentials, these must be set at the service level for the data collector. To do this, follow this procedure:

  • Start the Services control panel (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services or run Services.msc)
  • Locate the data collector service, right click and select Properties
  • Select the Log On tabscreenshot_1543.png
  • Select the This account radio button, and fill out the domain user and password.
  • Click OK
  • Restart the service.

Note that if the password is changed or expires the service definition will need to be updated and the service restarted. Please ensure that you have the relevant processes in place to ensure that this takes place and data is not lost. For more information on setting the collector credentials when using Windows Authentication, please refer to our knowledge base article. Additionally, if you need to upgrade the Vyopta Data Collector, please refer to our knowledge base article.

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