I want to know when my systems are not sending data to Vyopta


How can I get notified when systems in my organization are not sending data to Vyopta?


Vyopta Tech Insights Analytics contain a reporting feature that allows you to receive information via email regarding the recent activity of your infrastructure. One may use this facility to send a notification when the activity on a system is significantly below that normally expected.

In order to create and activate such a report, please follow these steps:

  1. First, determine the number of calls that you would expect to see in a typical week by logging to Tech Insights Analytics and navigating to DATASETS -> Infrastructure via the sidebar on the left.
  2. Select a time period that covers a typical week of data, and, in the filter box add a filter for the system that you wish to monitor using the System Name, System Type (Acronym) or System Type Description filters.
  3. Once you have selected the system, take note of the Total Calls (Count) value, and using this, decide upon a call count below which you would wish to receive a notification.
  4. Now add another filter of Total Calls (Count) is less than, and set this to the value decided upon above.

In the illustration below, the system VCS Expressway has been selected, which is showing 3,833 calls.

The threshold below which a report should be sent was determined to be 2,500 calls, and a filter added accordingly:

Now that the filters have been defined, a periodic report can be generated - to do this, locate and click on the Share link at the top right of the view. This will open a pop-up similar to that below:

The default Frequency is Once - this would mean that the report was run only on the occasion that you request. Selecting a frequency other than Once causes the report to be run by a job scheduler - when Daily is selected this would result in an email being sent near to 08:00 local time for your organisation.

The email address should default to that of the user logged into the Vyopta application. This address can be changed, or multiple addresses (comma separated) provided.

Clicking on the Save button will add the report to the scheduler.

Once this has been done, you will receive an email notification if your systems have not provided Vyopta with call data for 7 days - if you receive such a notice then it would be recommended that this be investigated unless it is expected that no calls would be handled for any reason.

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