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Current Release   -  January 25th, 2019

Release notes for 3.6.0

[COL-7] - Increase timeout for ADR document uploading
[COL-1186] - Handle invalid JSON id error for Bluejeans Realtime messages
[COL-1187] - Fix CUCM CDR Collection gets stuck when File Not Found in repository
[COL-1188] - Fix improper usage of config-value retrieval from apps
[COL-1406] - Fix time gaps in call quality data for VMRs (CMS & CTPS participant start times change during VMR)
[COL-975] - Update RealTime collectors to use RefreshingCollection for participant call quality collection
[COL-1082] - Skype RealTime: Send front end pool information for each participant
[COL-1087] - Add CDR billing data API support for DMA Version 9.0 and above
[COL-1136] - Support handling the redirects and CSRF tokens returned MCU 4.5 versions on validation screen
[COL-1144] - Skype: Start http listener by default when Skype system is added
[COL-1153] - Config Utility: Add Acano/CMS Receiver URL for server to be set via API on validation
[COL-1163] - Add support for "backwards polling" functionality for Webex systems
[COL-1185] - Add support for "." in Webex site names
[COL-1192] - Handling invalid number formats from CMS for quality stats
[COL-1202] - Add support for Collecting CUCM Device Pool Name
[COL-1222] - Add support for batching oversized historical documents
[COL-1233] - Add Support for Webex SSO with PDA
[COL-1248] - Add support for push based CUCM CDR FTP collection (through CUCM Billing Server)
[COL-1255] - Invalidate connection on polling error for Webex collection
[COL-1343] - Add support for excluding system types from .net collection
[COL-963] - Add realtime data collection support for DMA 9.0 and above
[COL-1120] - Add support for Collecting Zoom Meeting Name 'Topic' field
[COL-1238] - Handle hexadecimal values in Bluejeans realtime messages
[COL-1262] - Add ISDN Port Query historical collection support for up to 8 ports
[COL-1340] - Handle Large Pexip Status files for list conferences


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