Not able to see yesterdays data in Tech Insights Analytics

If you are having trouble seeing data in Tech Insights Analytics from the previous day,  it may be due to collection timing and processing. Vyopta maintains several systems to process uploaded data, with systems being configured to perform the processing at appropriate times. However, it is possible that your data processing should be moved to a system that processes in an appropriate timeframe.

If you are experiencing this issue, please raise a support ticket, mentioning this article and containing your timezone. If your data needs to be processed on another system then arrangements can be made to facilitate this.

In addition, Vyopta processes data nightly, Sunday through Thursday with a weekly maintenance window on Saturday night (CT North America). As a result, Tech Insights Analytics will reflect data from your environment as of the previous business day. Additionally, it may take approximately 24-48 hours for your endpoints to appear in the Tech Insights Monitoring & Tech Insights Analytics modules. Endpoint and location tagging for Tech Insights Analytics will usually be available the next business day, but may also take 24-48 hours to become usable in groups and filters.

Please note, we operate in standard time and do not acknowledge daylight savings compensations. While this may change in the future, currently all times will be reported without daylight savings offsets.

For more information, please refer to the following articles in the Vyopta Knowledge Base:


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