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API account password keeps expiring due to the default account aging under Cisco Meeting server. Are you aware of a way to disable the account aging in CMS?


By default, CMS provisions new account passwords with a 180-day duration, meaning that you will need to update the password on the service account twice yearly. If your corporate service account policies permit, you may want to extend this default duration before adding the vyopta_svc account (Note: Once the password expires, Vyopta Data Collectors cannot collect data from CMS and CDR's may be lost. Acano / CMS does not provide for onboard persistent storage for past CDR events).

To change the default user account password duration, after logging into the CMS command line interface with your administrator account, but before adding the vyopta_svc account, enter the following command:

user rule password_age NNNN where NNNN is the number of days before a password expires. So to set the default expiration to yearly, enter:

user rule password_age 1825

If you have already added the Vyopta service account but want to extend its expiration duration, you still enter the above command, followed by:

passwd vyopta_svc

You'll then be prompted to confirm your administrator password to allow you to do this, then simply reenter the existing password on the vyopta_svc account. It does not need to change to be refreshed -- and if you do change it, you will need to update it on the Vyopta Admin Portal as well and validate the infrastructure.

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