How do I set an alert for when an endpoint is experiencing bad quality during a call?

In Tech Insights Monitoring, navigate to the Alerts tab, and click on the  button.

In the Alerts Configuration window, complete the following:

  1. Device Type: Endpoints
  2. Should tell me when: Quality is Bad
  3. For all these devices: Select the endpoints which you want to monitor. You can select some or all
  4. For (Minutes): Set this to the duration of continuous alert readings necessary to trigger the alert. For example, if set to 5 minutes, the call quality will need to remain Bad for 5 consecutive minutes to trigger an alert. (See What does the For (Minutes) field on alerts mean?)
  5. Sent as: Set the preferred format of your email – HTML or Plain Text. To integrate with help desk or ticketing systems, choose HTML – Custom. (See How do I use custom HTML in Real Time Alerts to integrate with my ticketing system?)
  6. With Subject line: Enter the subject line relevant to you for this alert.
  7. Recipients: A valid email address or addresses, separated by commas or semicolons. Addresses can include distribution lists.
  8. Active schedule, Frequency & Days: These fields establish the period(s) of time when the alert will be active. Since alerts may have different thresholds or recipients during different time periods, it is often desirable to set up multiple alerts on the same component(s) to cover these different circumstances. (e.g., One alert for weekdays and another for weekends, each sent to different recipients.)

Note: Based on the criteria you have set on the alert, each time that criteria is satisfied, you will receive an alert during the days and hours you have set for the Active Schedule.

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