What does the For (Minutes) field on alerts mean?

The For (Minutes) field is an important part of setting up an alert in Vyopta's CPM Monitoring. This field sets the continuous fault duration required to trigger an alert.

CPM Monitoring is constantly retrieving status information and activity data from your monitored UC environment, and typically receives updates every 15 seconds for every dimension which can be set for Alerts. The minimum setting for the For (Minutes) field is 1 minute, meaning 4 consecutive measurements of the monitored value would have to be at or beyond the alert threshold before the alert will be sent. (2 minutes = 8 consecutive alert level values, 5 minutes = 20 consecutive alert level values, etc.)

If the value returns to a normal range before the alert is triggered, then the duration “counter” is reset, and any subsequent alert level reading would again be subject to the full continuous fault duration once again.

For more information on setting up alerts, please refer to the following articles:


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