Identifying single participant calls

If you want to identify the participants involved in a particular meeting, you can use the Meetings view of the Meetings tab in Tech Insights Analytics. You can search for a specific meeting by using the Meeting Name contains/equals filter. Once you find your meeting, you can expand to see the list of participants by clicking the Meeting Name expand.

Tip: You can use the date range picker in the top right of any tab in Advanced Analytics to change the dates you want to analyze. You can click on the mceclip0.png button at the top right corner of your page to schedule a one time or recurring report.

If you want to see all the meetings that occurred on a particular bridge, you can navigate to the Meetings tab in Tech Insights Analytics module, select your bridging infrastructure from the Systems dropdown. The data will then refresh to show only meetings that used the bridge(s) you selected as shown in the example below.



For more information, please refer to the following articles in the Vyopta Knowledge Base:

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