Where can I see calls that failed to connect?


Where can I see calls that failed to connect?


In the Issues tab of CPM Analytics navigate to the Call Status panel.

Don’t see the panel? Click the  at the upper right corner under the date range selected. From there, we’ll setup the panel configuration (as reflected in the Default Panels page). That panel configuration is:


… and produces a graph that looks like this:




Click on the Not Connected portion of the pie chart to drill down into Call Details on the Endpoints tab. You will notice that the filters above the data will reflect the specific portion of the pie chart selected. In this case, these are all calls that did not connect. You can change and/or add filters for additional data analysis.




Tip: You can use the date range picker in the top right of any tab in CPM Analytics to change the dates you want to analyze. You can click on the mceclip3.png button at the top right corner of your page to schedule a one time or recurring report.

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