How do I identify my most utilized & least utilized endpoints in Endpoints Dataset?


Are you looking to identify your most utilized and least utilized endpoints in the Endpoints Dataset? Vyopta's Tech Insights Analytics can help you do just that!

1. In the Endpoints tab of Tech Insights Analytics, the view will default to Managed Endpoints. In this view, select the endpoints for which you would like to view utilization, and click on the Total Calls column heading to sort the endpoints in ascending or descending order of total calls. The Endpoints menu should include the applicable managed endpoint devices for your environment and would look something like this:

In the example below, you can see endpoints sorted in descending order based on the total number of calls.

2. In the same page in Tech Insights Analytics -> Endpoints -> Managed Endpoints view, desired endpoints selected – click on the Utilization Rate column heading to sort the endpoints in ascending or descending order based on utilization rate. Utilization Rate is calculated as the utilization percentage during a user-defined window each week. In the screenshot below, we see endpoints sorted in descending order based on their utilization rate.

The utilization rate is based upon the user-set values for number of workdays per week to be considered, and the number of hours per workday. This in turn defines the number of hours that represents 100% utilization per week (56 in the example below), and by extrapolation, the number of hours in a month, quarter or year. (When using a 7-day week, of course, you can simply use the hours per day as the basis for 100% utilization.)

For example, the most utilized endpoint in the example below was used a total of 4222.26 minutes during the month of March. March is 31 days, which means 100% utilization in this case is 31 days x 8 hours/day = 248 hours, or 14,880 minutes. The utilization rate is then simply 4222.26 minutes / 14,880 minutes, or 28.38%.

To provide an alternate example using 5 days a week, 8 hours per day as the basis: This means that 40 hours of utilization per week, or 5.71 hours per day, represents 100% utilization. For the same date range, the month of October, 100% utilization would be 31 days x 5.71 hours/day = 177.14 hours = 10,628.57 minutes, meaning the utilization of the top endpoint would be 39.73% (4222.26 minutes / 10,628.57 minutes) in the above case.

Tip: You can use the date range picker in the top right of any tab in Advanced Analytics to change the dates you want to analyze. You can also click on the mceclip0.png button at the top right corner of your page to schedule a one time or recurring report.


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