How can I see my licensing usage for a period of time and for a particular technology?

There are several ways to assess license usage for a particular technology in both CPM Monitoring and CPM Analytics.

  1. In CMP Monitoring, navigate to the Dashboard tab. License usage can be viewed in three panels: Call Control License, Bridge License, and License Utilization. You can capture a screenshot of this information at any point by clicking the ‘Capture’ button at the top right corner (to capture the entire dashboard) or by clicking on the camera icon within each panel (for an individual panel capture).

Don’t see the panel you want? Click the  link in the upper right under the date range selected.

In the example above, we are viewing the license utilized for bridge and call controls. You can switch this to view license availability instead of license utilized by clicking on the gear icon on each panel.


  1. In vAnalytics Real Time, navigate to the Capacity tab. In this tab, you can view technology license usage by system type in individual panels.

This panel can be customized to view any of your infrastructure types (PEXIP, ACANO, CTPS, VCS, CUCM, etc) by clicking on the gear icon in the panel.

  1. In Advanced Analytics, navigate to the Capacity tab. In this section, you can view peak capacity for all the different infrastructure components in your environment. The infrastructure in your environment should auto-generate the panels for that infrastructure, but you can also go off-road and create your own! For the default panels, you’ll get a panel that looks something like this:


When you hover over any datapoint along the line, you can view the exact percentage for that moment in time. By clicking on a particular peak, you can drill down to get additional context in the details view of that timeframe.



Don’t see the panel you want? Click the link in the upper right under the date range selected. From here, you can select ‘Distribution’ or ‘Trend’ and then pick the ‘Capacity’ category data set. Then, select either ‘System Capacity’ or ‘System Capacity Percentage’ and you should be able to get a total view of your capacity infrastructure.

While that apples-to-oranges comparison isn’t useful in a direct sense, it does expose the names of your infrastructure as they are leveraged by the filtering system! With that in mind, you can start setting filters to remove vendors or systems you don’t want to see. For more info on using filters and creating custom panels, please see our Creating Panels page.

Tip: You can use the date range picker in the top right of any tab in Advanced Analytics to change the dates you want to analyze. As you expand the date range, additional options within the panels become available, including Day, Week, Month, & Quarter views. You can click on the  button at the top right corner of your page to schedule a one time or recurring report.



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