Zendesk and ServiceNow Integration with Realtime Alerts

Our Real Time Monitoring now provides the ability to send alert emails to a third party ticketing system, like ServiceNow or Zendesk. Enterprise IT teams can streamline their support workflows by leveraging tools they are already using through our custom HTML email alert types.


Bonus! You can now use scripting tools and native APIs to allow users to search the body or subject of an email for specific keywords and enable meaningful ticket routing. 


Example: Alert Creation in Vyopta


Any vAnalytics user can input custom text in the Custom Text field.

  • ServiceNow: The key operator is the “:” to separate the descriptor from the key value being passed.
  • Zendesk: Each field must start with a “#”.


This is a native feature for Zendesk. It’s included for a few prescribed fields like Group, Assignee, Priority, and Type. Also know, you can also add custom fields in Zendesk so you can tailor your alerts.


Here is an example of the scripting needed to automate the integration in ServiceNow: Picture1.png

You can simply by the subject line of the email is put in the "short description" field of the ticket, and the body of the email is copied into the full "Description" section of the ticket. On the left side of each line of script is the field in ServiceNow to be filled, and on the right is the API operation that is defined in this wiki.


Here is a preview of what the final email alert: 



These emails contain a link to the Vyopta’s Real Time Monitoring tool so you can take action (with context) in a single click.






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