What exactly is a Meeting in Tech Insights Analytics? How is it different from a call?

Vyopta defines a “meeting” the same way most people do in real life. A meeting occurs when two or more people join together in a single space (real or virtual). Tech Insights Analytics reports on meetings by assembling and matching raw call detail records for calls involving multiple parties that have common destination addresses (like a VMR) and a common timeframe. Put another way, a meeting is typically made up of multiple calls and call legs.

Start Time is the earliest time a participant joined a particular meeting and End Time is the latest time a participant drops out of the call. Quality for meetings is displayed based on the “worst-case” quality of the call for each participant in the meeting – in other words, the participant with the worst packet loss and/or jitter values dictates the overall meeting quality displayed, so if even one participant in a meeting experienced bad quality, the overall call quality will be shown as Bad.

In the example below, the meeting Start Time is 10/31/2016 09:39:55, which is when the first participant joined the call, and the End Time is 10/31/2016 10:54:14, which is when the last person to leave the call (the second participant, in this case) disconnected. The quality of the call is shown as fair, because while the first participant had a good quality experience, one of the participants (the second participant) experienced fair quality.

Tech Insights Monitoring screenshot

In order to help Vyopta users quickly identify call quality issues and to accelerate the troubleshooting process, all individual calls legs that are currently experiencing bad quality can be viewed on the Calls tab in Tech Insights Monitoring. If a call is using VMR/bridge technology, the entire meeting can be viewed on the Meetings tab in Tech Insights Monitoring. By clicking on the meeting name or to expand the details, all the participants in that meeting and the quality they are currently experiencing can be viewed.

For more information on Tech Insights Monitoring, please refer to the Tech Insights Monitoring Overview article in the Vyopta Knowledge Base.

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