Difference between the Active Calls & Active VMR tabs

Vyopta provides users with the ability to monitor their video infrastructure and virtual meeting rooms (VMRs) in real-time. This article will explain the difference between the Active Calls and Active VMR tabs in the Vyopta Tech Insights Analytics platform.

Active Calls

The data in Active Calls originates from your call controls, bridges and management systems. The data displayed will show all call legs that are currently active on your video infrastructure (some of which may be connecting to a virtual meeting room / conference meeting room).

Active VMRs

Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) are the term used to describe the technology facilitating multi-party video meetings. Examples include Pexip VMRs, Acano Spaces, Cisco (Codian) MCU ports, Cisco TP Server ports (or screens), Polycom RMX, and Vidyo Meeting Rooms. For each VMR, all channels for each participant are monitored. You can click on the meeting name and see the participants for that meeting. Individual participant call details are provided in a new tab by clicking on the Details icon on the far right.

The data is collected continuously and displayed every 15 seconds for Active Calls and Active VMR tabs.

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