How do I schedule a weekly bad calls report?


How do I schedule a weekly bad calls report from Vyopta?


In the Meetings tab of Tech Insights Analytics, use the Add Filter search box to search for ‘Quality contains Bad’. The data will then refresh to show only meetings that experienced bad quality. With the desired data in the view, click on the mceclip1.png button available at the top right corner.


You will then see a pop-up dialog with options for sharing:

Export type: Excel, CSV, Report Link (by default Excel and Report Link are selected). Excel and CSV will result in a downloaded file of the selected format(s), and Report Link provides a clickable link that will take a registered vAnalytics user directly to the same view, regardless of their personal settings. In this example, the notification email will include links to this view and to download an Excel file with the above data contents.

Frequency: For recurring reports, choosing Daily, Weekly, or Monthly will generate the report on the selected frequency; for a one-time report, select Once (the default). In this example, since the intent is to generate a weekly report, Weekly is selected.

The frequency then impacts the next option, when the report is sent out:

  • For Once and Daily reports, there is no selection to specify when to send the report, since the frequency defines this for you.
  • Days (for Weekly reports only): Select the day(s) of the week you wish to generate and send the report.
  • Every Nth of each month (for Monthly reports only): Select the date of the month upon which you wish to send the report.

Reporting Period: The frequency will affect the default choice for the reporting period, but it can be changed to suit your purposes. For example, a Weekly report will default to Last 7 days, but the report can be changed to one of the other alternatives as you wish. In this way, you can create, say, a daily report that reports on the preceding 30 days, for example. In this case, default of Last 7 days is sufficient.

Message, Subject: Default text is supplied, but you can alter this to be more or less descriptive as you wish.

To: A valid email address or addresses, separated by commas or semicolons. (Reminder: a report link sent to someone who is not a valid vAnalytics user will not allow them to see the report or view you are sharing in vAnalytics, but they will be able to download a file and see the email content.)

With the above fields completed, to schedule (recurring) or send (one time) the report, click Send.

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