Investigating unknown quality with bridge calls

All bridge participant quality is captured in the Tech Insights Monitoring and later summarized and inserted into Tech Insights Analytics.

Factors that may result in unknown call quality that may prevent the collection of these Real Time data points are:

  • Bridge participants not connected long enough to allow data collection. For some bridges and participants, it could take up to 15 minutes for quality data to be published.
  • Intermittent or persistent network issues that prevent API calls from returning results (wrong protocol selected; HTTP vs HTTPS, closed network ports, overly sensitive network measures, etc.).
  • WebRTC clients involved with no video or audio enabled.
  • Bridge meetings held prior to installing and configuring the Vyopta data collector.
  • Media (presentation and video) are being routed through another meeting server

Due to the reasons enumerated above, 100% capture of call quality scores is not to be expected; a 75-80% capture rate is more typical across Vyopta customers.

When analyzing bridge call quality, you can use the Tech Insights Analytics tab to review the data. On this tab, you will find two different panels; Bridge Participant Quality and Bridge Participant Quality Trend. The Bridge Participant Quality Trend provides time groupings that reflect the length of time in the overall view. For example, if you select three months, the data can be presented either by month, week, or by day. As you expand the date range, you can get a better understanding of the call quality.

For more information on bridge call quality, please refer to What is a Good, Fair, or Bad bridge call? articles.


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