Identifying most utilized & least utilized conference rooms (VMRs / CMRs)?

Are you looking to identify the most utilized and least utilized conference rooms (VMRs / CMRs) in your organization? Vyopta Advanced Analytics can help you do just that! There are multiple ways to identify the most utilized and least utilized VMRs in Advanced Analytics.

  1. In the Adoption tab of Tech Insights Analytics, there is an automatically generated panel called ‘Top VMR Summary‘, which can be configured to reflect: AcanoCTPSMCUPexip, and RMS. While this summary panel is included automatically, it can also be configured by clicking the link and selecting the Summary panel type. Then, select the VMRs data source and the desired system type. The panel configuration will look something like this:



And result in a table summary that looks like this:




Please note that static VMRs which are not used during the selected time period will not appear in the list. Percentage change is calculated based on the previous data for an equivalent amount of time. (In other words, if you are currently viewing a month of data, the percentage change is based upon the previous month’s results.)


You can also use the Datasets tab to identify the most utilized and least utilized conference rooms. In the Datasets tab, you can see meetings sorted in descending order based on the total meeting count. In a similar way, the other usage related columns (e.g., Total Minutes) can be used to rank utilization. Tip: You can use the date range picker in the top right of any tab in Tech Insights Analytics to change the dates you want to analyze. You can also click on the button at the top right corner of your page to schedule a one time or recurring report.


We hope this article has helped you identify the most utilized and least utilized conference rooms in your organization. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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