Support of Third Party Systems Within Vyopta

Purpose of this document

This document describes the policy implemented by Vyopta with regards to data collection from infrastructure and endpoints.


The Policy

In general, Vyopta will only support data collection from systems that are considered current by their vendor. 

In practice, this means that any hardware that the vendor has indicated to be End Of Life (EOL) is not supported by Vyopta, and any equipment running software that has passed its EOL date is also not supported. 

In summary - if the vendor does not provide support for the system, Vyopta cannot do so either. 

What does this mean for me?

If you are running software that is out of support on a system that has not reached EOL, then you should upgrade to a supported release if you wish to obtain support from Vyopta for any data collection issues.

If you are running systems that have passed their EOL date then Vyopta is not able to offer support, however, as long as data collection is working you need take no action for as long as the Vyopta Data Collector maintains support for the device - please see the data collector release notes for more information. After this time, you will be able to collect data for as long as the data collector is in support, but once support for the collector version has ended you must upgrade. 

Please note that Vyopta Product Support will not accept support requests for collection from EOL equipment. 


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