Monitors vs Events Based Monitoring


Vyopta meticulously gathers a substantial volume of data points from interconnected systems. With this wealth of data, Vyopta offers two distinct monitoring solutions to its customers. This article elucidates these two monitoring solutions and their respective applications.

Metrics-Based Monitoring

Metrics-based monitoring represents the prevailing method with which our customers is most acquainted. This approach entails the ceaseless acquisition and examination of quantitative data emanating from diverse facets of a system. These data points are inherently numerical, affording a profound understanding of a system's or call's performance, health, and behavioral patterns over time.

Metrics-based monitoring excels in evaluating call quality and the volume of calls directed towards a system. However, it may not always be the optimal choice for ascertaining system availability or peripheral status. This is where Event-Based Monitoring steps in, presenting a realm of new possibilities for alerting, a capability that Vyopta was previously unable to offer.

Event-Based Monitoring

In stark contrast, Event-Based Monitoring is centered on the occurrence of precise events or incidents within a system. This mode of monitoring proves especially effective in promptly detecting and responding to incidents, errors, and other pivotal events. Unlike metrics-based systems, event-based systems operate on defined rules or patterns to trigger alerts.

There are many benefits with Event Based Monitoring. It facilitates the monitoring of system availability, peripheral status (coming soon), and, in the case of Cisco endpoints, diagnostics messages. The latter, in particular, is of notable significance, as Cisco endpoints afford access to a staggering array of 194 distinct event types, each accompanied by various message types.

Initially, Vyopta concentrated on Cisco endpoints due to the profusion of event types that can be gathered and leveraged for alerts. Nevertheless, we are steadfastly laboring towards incorporating Events from diverse device manufacturers.

Event Based Monitoring Availability

Event Based Monitoring is currently not available for all customers. Event Based monitoring is being rolled out in phases to our customers. Please ask your Account Executive at Vyopta on when this can be available to you

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