Generating and Managing Reports

Generating Reports:

Reports can be generated in Vyopta from CPM Analytics. It's a simple process one you have filtered the data and date range needed. Each page capable of generating a report contains a "share" button located on the top right hand corner of the screen. 

You can select the Delivery Method, Export Types, Frequency, Days you would like to receive the report and the reporting period. 

Here is a 1 minute and a half video showing how to share a report with users:

Managing Reports:

Saved reports can be managed by clicking on the "Reports" menu on the left hand side within CPM Analytics. By clicking a report, you can see the filters used, edit the frequency, export types, delivery days, and who receives the report. 
Below is a short 54 second video on how to manage reports within CPM Analytics:

Common Issues Observed with Sharing a Report:

Receiving a "[Report Failure]" Email:

Depending on your environment and the number of daily calls, exporting a large number of calls can result in a failure email due to the processing failing. Excel and CSV files generally do not load when the files exceed a certain number of fields. When you receive an email noting a "Data Export Timeout", please generate a new report with a smaller dataset. For example, if you were attempting to export a years worth of data, try a month. If a months worth of data files, then try breaking the report into a weeks worth of data.

An example of a failure email can be seen below:

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