Zoom Meetings Integration

With our new Zoom Connector,  you now have the ability to connect to your Zoom account using oAuth,  with optional support for Zoom QSS.  

Zoom QSS is now the new offering from Zoom that will allow us to collect quality for all your Zoom meetings.   Before enabling QSS ,  please check with your Zoom Account Manager to see if you have QSS enabled on your account

To add a Zoom Connector requires the following:

Access to your organization’s Zoom API URL (api.zoom.us)
A Zoom account that we can register your Zoom connector to  (using oAuth)

Please follow the instructions below to add your Zoom instance to Data Collection:

  1. Navigate to my.vyopta.com to access the Admin Portal and log in with your Vyopta credentials
  2. Navigate to the admin portal from the top right corner as shown below:mceclip0.png
  3. Select the Infrastructure menu or Icon, then select New Infrastructure (near the bottom)
  4. From the selection of infrastructure types, click Zoom:



On the Configuration page:

  • Enter the Zoom name and description as desired
  • Enter the default API URL and click 'Save'

Note: The default Zoom API URL is “api.zoom.us”, however, this should reflect the URL of the Zoom infrastructure and may vary for on-premise deployment.

Next, expand the ZOOM Authorization panel where you can now press the "Click to Authorize" to connect the new connector to your Zoom Account



Once you click on the 'Click to Authorize' link,  you will then be redirected to your Zoom oAuth Account page as shown below.  



Once you sign in,   you should be taken back to your Zoom connector page in the Vyopta Admin Portal.   If the connection was successful,  you should see a message "Authorization Status: Success" as shown in the screenshot below.




By Default  the setting "Use Webhooks (DSS)?" will be enabled.   If you are not using Zoom QSS,  please uncheck this setting,  and then click on the save button in the panel.  Please note, we will be updating our Zoom Authorization Panel from Use Webhooks (DSS) to Use Webhooks (QSS) in an upcoming release


Note: None of the Additional Settings in the panels below need to be changed from their defaults.

Finally, you can enable data collection to Zoom by clicking the 'Disabled' button at the top of the page, changing it to 'Enabled'.


Zoom Rooms

Enabling Zoom Rooms for data collection may require adjustments in the Zoom Room name and display name used by your organization in the Zoom admin portal. To enable Zoom Room tracking and matching, please note that all Zoom Room names and display names must be identical. Additionally, all Room Names must be unique. 


Once you have completed the steps above,  you may want to validate that you are successfully collecting data from your Zoom account.   Here are the recommended steps for a healthy Zoom collection   How to validate a successful data collection from Zoom


Uninstalling  the Zoom Collector

In case you no longer want to collect Zoom data into your Vyopta account,  here are the steps on how you can uninstall the Zoom collection

  • Navigate to my.vyopta.com to access the Admin Portal and log in with your Vyopta credentials
  • Navigate to the admin portal from the top right corner as shown below:mceclip0.png
  • Select the Infrastructure menu or Icon on the left rail
  • Click on the Zoom collector's to launch the edit dashboard for the collector, as shown in the screenshot below.



  • Scroll down to Zoom Authorization,  and expand the panel,  as shown below,   and click on REMOVE AUTHORIZATION


  • Next,  close out of the edit screen,  and navigate back to the Infrastructure dataset,  and verify that the enabled switch (in the blue box) is disabled.   You can also click on the delete icon (in the red box) to remove the Zoom collector.


  • Once the Zoom collector has the authorizations removed,  and is disabled,  we will have broken the link for data collection back to your Zoom account.

To uninstall the plugin from your Zoom Account,  you will need to complete the following steps

  • Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Vyopta app.
  • Click the Vyopta app.
  • Click Uninstall
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