How to export call details for an Endpoint?


In Vyopta, call details for an endpoint can be found in CPM analytics, datasets section.

Sometimes customers require this information to be exported in excel or csv for generating specific charts & graphs. In order to get call details for an endpoint from Vyopta, we need to export the information from CPM Analytics.


The steps to achieve call details for an endpoint is shown below:

  • In CPM Analytics navigate to Datasets -> Endpoints - > Call details tab. Here you can see the call details made on each endpoint. You can select a specified date range and apply filters as necessary


  • Using the drop down field, you can filter the 'Models' you want to look at. If no model is selected, it means we are displaying the details for every model. When you select a particular model, the details pertaining to that model will be displayed.


  • If you want to see more details or columns, you can click on the edit button on the right corner and select the required fields available in the dropdown.


  • Once you have set the filters and selected the required fields, click on the arrow shown at the top right corner of your page and fill in the required information and click send.


You will get a report shared in the format selected (excel, csv or report link) to your email in within few minutes. Now you can manipulate this data as required.

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