Customer Action Required - Cisco Webex Collection has stopped collecting


On occasion,  we have encountered issues where the oAuth authentication from Control Hub will loose or invalidate the authorization token in Vyopta,  which will prevent further collection of your Webex data.   When this happens,  our customers will have to re-establish the oAuth connection back to Control Hub to all collection of data to resume.


How can I fix this issue?


In the Vyopta Admin Portal,  select your CISCO WEBEX collection in the Infrastructure section.   Click on the pencil (edit) icon to open the CISCO WEBEX collection for your account.




Once you have opened the edit screen,   please open the section called  "Cisco Webex Authorization",  and then click on the button "Click to Authorize"




Once you click on the button,  you will be taken to Cisco's  Control Hub,  where you can reauthorize with an account that has full admin access to your Control Hub

Once you have re-authenticated using an admin account,  your Webex Collection should resume again in approximately 30 minutes  (time is required for Cisco to re-provision your API access to your admin account)

If you do not see the Cisco Webex Authorization section,  that indicates you are using our Legacy PDA collection,  and as a customer,  you are not impacted with this breaking change from Cisco.

If you need further assistance,  please open a support ticket and our Support Team will be happy to assist you further.


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