Webex API Migration - Now with monitoring and quality

What functionalities will customers gain?

Vyopta's new APIs provide customers with additional information that was previously not available through the Webex Legacy APIs. This includes Tech Insights Monitoring and Tech Insights Analytics.

Tech Insights Monitoring

  1. Live monitoring of Meetings and Participants
  2. Proactive troubleshooting and granular alerting
  3. Automatically sync cloud registered devices into Vyopta Tech Insights & Vyopta Admin Portal

Tech Insights Analytics 

  1. Historical quality analytics for both Meetings and Participants
  2. PSTN Audio Participant legs (does not include quality or join type)

Known Limitations

  1. API Delays: There is up to 10 min delay in Meeting API, so it may take up to 10 mins for a meeting & its participants to show up on Tech Insights Monitoring
  2. Refresh Interval: Cisco’s Meeting Participant Quality API detail updates happen only every 5 min
  3. Missing Quality: Participant quality is not currently available for the following scenarios
    • SIP/H323 endpoints that are registered to on premise systems*
      • *As Cisco continues to make improvements to Webex, some endpoint calls into Webex may include quality from the cloud. The endpoint monitor will provide quality metrics regardless of the endpoint's registration.
    • Meetings with just 1 participant don’t provide quality 
    • Audio participants - PSTN in & out
      • Includes ‘Audio only’ conferencing meeting participants

The new API does not provide the following information that was previously available through the Webex Legacy API

  1. Webex PSTN summary breakdown aggregated at the meeting level
    • Call In International 
    • Call Out Domestic
    • Call Out Internal
    • Call Out International
    • Toll Call In 
    • Toll Call In International
    • Toll Free
    • Toll Free Call In International 
    • VOIP
  2. User Department
    • Applies to OOTB department field that we used to get through site code setting for some customers.

For more information on Vyopta's new APIs, please refer to our Knowledge Base article.

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