Why am I missing meetings from Webex in Tech Insights Monitoring?


Why am I not able to see some of the meetings from Webex in Vyopta Tech Insights Monitoring?


Our new Cisco Webex Collector has a few known issues when collecting meeting data from Control Hub. This means that it can take up to 10 minutes for the meeting data to be available for us to retrieve from the Cisco APIs, and up to 5 minutes to retrieve participant quality data for the meeting. Additionally, for us to show a meeting from Cisco Webex in Tech Insights Monitoring, it will take 15 minutes for a meeting to show up. Meetings that are less than 15 min may not appear in Tech Insights Monitoring due to the meeting and participant data not being available to us with the new API.

Note: With the above limitations, we do not guarantee to get meeting data from Webex, unless the meeting has a duration of 15 minutes or longer.

We are continuing to work with Cisco to address these gaps, and we hope the window for meeting data will be reduced by Cisco in the coming months. For more information, please see our support article.

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